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Asador steakhouse brings the authentic Argentinian tradition of the Asado to the heart of Copenhagen. Our food is inpired by the authentic taste of the ”Argentine Asado” and is served with matching wines. The steakhouse is set in a beautifully decorated historical building in Christianshavn.

Events at Asador

Throughout the year we offer special menus prepared for certain occasions, alongside our a la carte menu.

About Asador

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Our menu is very similar to the one you would find in a traditional Argentinean steak house, where you can choose your meat, in differents cuts, and sizes, and where you can share your garnishes.

The meat is cooked following argentinean traditions, where the meat is cooked on a grill to obtain its full potential.

We also have a variety of typical starters, and traditional desserts.

Empanadas 1 (stk.) “Pirogger” 35,-

Provoleta Asada 115,-

Tartare 95,-

Ceviche 90,-

Chorizo 40,-

Mollejas a la parilla 100,-

Churrasco 250g 189,-

400g 335,-

600g 455,-

Lomo 180g 240,-

350g 339,-

Lomo en Caña (2 pers.) 600g 589,-

Extra person +290,-

Parrillada Argentina 295,-

Filete de Pollo 145,-

Pescado de la semana 185,-

Cordero Patagónico 245,-

Menu Infantil (Children 13 yrs.) 145,-

Ensalada Andes 85,-

Ensalada Argentina 59,-

Patatas fritas 45,-

Pure de papas 39,-

Humita 40,-

Papas Ahumadas 45,-

Honguitos con aioli 45,-

Verduras a la parrilla 45,-

Aioli 25,-

Chimichurri 25,-

Argentinian béarnaise 30,-

Créme Brûlée con Dulce de Leche 75,-

Panna cotta 80,-

Volcán de chocolate 85,-

Helado de vainilla 39,-

Don Pedro (Typical Argentinian) 98,-


Menu Gaucho
  • Tartar
    Beef tartar with nuts and smoked cream
  • Churrasco (ca. 200gr.)
  • Panna cotta
375,- With wine menu 550,-
Menu La Boca
  • 2 Empanandas de la casa
    2 homemade pastries
  • Parrillada Argentina
    Argentine national dish
  • Créme Brûlée con Dulce de Leche
425,- With wine menu 600,-
Menu Tango
  • Provoleta asada
    Pan fried provolone cheese
  • 1 Empanandas de la casa
    1 homemade pastries
  • Lomo (ca. 200gr.)
    Beef tenderloin
  • Volcán de chocolate
455,- With wine menu 700,-

*All menus are served with our kitchen's choice of side dishes

Red wines selection of the Argentine Restaurant and Steakhouse Asador in Christianshavn, Copenhagen

Asador's Argentine wines

Asador has a vast selection of carefully selected wines from the most renowned wineries in Argentina.

The wine-making region in Argentina ranges between the 22° and 42° South latitude. It spreads at the foothills of the Andean Mountain Range along over 2,400 km., from the Province of Salta to the Province of Río Negro, with a variety of climates and soils that makes each region a unique land.

In general terms, the areas dedicated to vine cultivation are dry and arid with a low level of rain and humidity, determining factor as regards grape health. Abundant sunny days and thermal amplitude favor a good maturity and concentration of aroma and color in the grain. Soils are deep, permeable and poor in organic matter, decisive qualities at the time of obtaining good wine. Due to the low rainfall regime, irrigation is necessary. Water comes from meltdown from the Andes, descending in the shape of rivers which turn into channels or ditches.

Undoubtedly, the combination of these factors turns Argentina into an oasis for the highest quality wine-making. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go. Wine-making in Argentina, as we know it today, has a young history that goes back to a little more than 10 years ago. Technological progress, investment and some farsighted businessmen have permitted a determining transformation.


Hire us for your event

Organising a party at your event venue or home? Or need a venue where to celebrate?

Order our delicious and tasty Argentinean meats as take away catering or have a night to remember and hire the Asador Grill, a chef and staff.

We have an experienced event manager on hand to  make a package tailored to your needs.

Ideal for a wide range of events from formal dinners and weddings to dazzling launches and premiere parties.

And if you only want to take-away our food, that's possible too and with 20% discounnt.

Foodtruck of the Steakhouse Restaurant Asador and Fuego in Christianshavn, Copenhagen


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Overgaden Neden Vandet 17, 1414 København K

Tlf: (+45) 32 54 54 08

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Restaurant staff looking for a job for minimum 6 moths.
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Chefs have to be experienced and be used to working in a busy kitchen.

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Monday-Sunday: 17:30-24:00

Friday-Saturday: 17:30-22:30 Sunday-Monday: 17:30-21:30

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